NCLEX-RN (National Council License Exam for Registered Nurses) : How to Apply/

We’ve all been there.

Clueless about what to do, where to begin, and how to get past that lump in your throat.

There are many people and places to go to get advice.  But my first suggestion is to start at the fundamentals.  And a great big THANK YOU to Toniah, Varnie, & Lynn (Directive Alums)  for all their help in the compiling of info!

Before the Exam


Before you can take the NCLEX, you’ll need an Authorization to Test (ATT). To get this, you’ll need to apply and pay BON application fee to your board of nursing/regulatory body (BON/RB) and then register and pay the exam fee with Pearson VUE. You’ll want to start this process well in advance of your target date for taking the exam.

But first, When is the earliest you can apply to take the NCLEX-RN?

After you’ve completed the requirements and applied for an Associate Degree of Nursing at Inter Metro (another application process and fee – yay 😉 ).

1.  The school will mail you 2 copies of your certificate of graduation for the associates degree. One you will need to mail with your application to the Board of Nursing (BON) in the state that you are applying to and the other is for your records. Application Help.

2. Fill out the state’s (you can also apply to Canada 😉 ) application completely. The section that asks, “What have you been doing since graduation?” I put, “Obtaining bachelors degree“…(it’s usually a good idea to put something truthful that has been a good use of your time during any interim gaps). The section that asks whether or not you are moving to the state, (I checked yes.) The application fee will vary based on the state (mine at the time was ($90.00). The state application will tell you how to pay and in what method.

On the application that the director has to signs, make sure she puts your graduation date on it. Make sure the date on your certificate of graduation from the school matches the date she writes/that you fill in. The state will send your application back to you which takes a longer process. As soon as she signs it, make sure that it is fully filled out! Very important!!

3. After she signs it, you will take that paper to the registrar’s office to have them stamp it (make sure you also take your certificate of grad to them as well). Make sure to ask the registrar for a letter size envelope with their info stamped on it because you have to mail that stuff to your application state (registrar is supposed to mail it for you, but they don’t)

So you’ll mail 2 envelopes to your application state, the one contains your application and money order of payment and the other will have the letter that was signed from the director and the certificate of grad document that proves you have an associates/bachelors (if you decided to avoid the associate grad requirements).

While you are doing all of that, you will also need to go to the pearson vue and register to take the NCLEX. Register to take the test through your application state and pay the exam fee ( I paid $200.)  This will allow the application state to see your name on their registry and approve you to take the test.

It should take 2 to 3 weeks for your application state to send you your approval to test, (I got mine via email – don’t forget to check your junk mail) once you have that you can schedule your test time and date. (They will send you an email informing you of your ATT : Your ATT has an expiration between 60 – 365 days which differs by state – mine was a full year).

REMEMBER TO MAKE COPIES OF EVERYTHING!! (All of this paperwork  – and a whole bunch more – has to go into your Integrated Practice II Nursing Class Digital Portfolio in your final term). 

What is the NLC (Nurse License Compact) & how does it impact me?

Information for New Grads

Navigating the NLC

More information please!


Review the NCLEX Candidate Bulletin and familiarize yourself with the format of the NCLEX test plan.

 2013 NCLEX-RN Detailed Test Plan - Candidate Version

It is also important to locate your test site because they can fill up quickly. Do not wait until your ATT is close to expiration to schedule your exam or you may have to reregister and pay another exam fee.


Want even MORE NCLEX questions answered?

How/What do I review?

Best people to ask are those who’ve passed the exam recently. Try asking some upperclassmen in the terms after Pediatrics or in their last year.

What are your weaknesses? – core content/question strategy? or both? Ask them what their weaknesses were.

How they decided on their review method? Ask around for resources.

There are personal study through books/(youtube) videos.  These are best for those where money is a determining factor BUT they are motivated enough to lay out a core content &/question strategy plan and stick to it.

Book Buyer’s Guide: There are an exhaustive number of review books available online that you can check reviews from any major online bookstore (amazon) for a better idea of how people found it.  Scroll to the bottom of this guide for his breakdown of the types of books and what might suit you best.

There are always free resources available online.  To start you off.  Google or ask around.  Some more free stuff.  But don’t overwhelm yourself with multiple sources of randomness.  Have a reasonable plan.  Feel like incorporating certain sources to supplement revision while you’re in nursing school – yay you.  Overwhelming yourself with a terabyte worth of data and the exam is a few weeks away – not such a great idea.

There are many review programs out there: Kaplan, Hurst, Remar, Feuer to name a few.

NCLEX Prep Course Buyer’s Guide: Scroll to the bottom for his breakdown of some of the strengths of certain programs.  You can also Google for reviews of a program.

FYI. If you want to organize a group of students for a review program course that isn’t already set up – there are usually some benefits associated with that (usually only one per graduating class).

We’ll give you a few opinions from recent grads who passed in an upcoming post.

Now onto:

Exam Day   NCSBN


After the Exam   NCSBN

 This was mentioned under NLC:
license notification
Hope you found that helpful – feel free to ask questions and we’ll do our best to answer/point you in the right direction.

National Nursing Associations

We all know there are benefits to being part of certain organizations.  They help us weed through content or find answers!  Here’s what we’ve found:

First up the American Nurses Association:

ANA Benefits for Students

When you sign up as a Subscriber to members only content on NursingWorld, you will be asked for a Promo Code, which will give you free access. Promo codes can be found in the “back to school” issues of Imprint and StuNurse magazines. If you do not have access to these publications, please e-mail your name, school, and current year in school to and a promo code will be sent immediately to you. Then go to the Join page, enter your email address and hit “Join Now,” and sign up, using the code.

Members Only benefits include:

  • Access to full ANA Position and Policy papers on important nursing issues
  • A chance to sign up for ANA SmartBrief – our members only daily news feed that brings together nursing and healthcare news from around the country every business day
  • Access to the current electronic versions of The American Nurse and the ANA columns in American Nurse Today
  • Access to the current topic of OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing – a peer reviewed electronic journal available to ANA members on the hot issues facing nursing today
  • Discount opportunities on a variety of personal and professional products
  • Access to NurseSpace, ANA’s online social network

For other Nurse Organizations on a National, State or International level.

Let us know of any opportunities/benefits from other organizations you’ve gotten/ would like to take charge to help us get involved in!

Helpful Information: ATM fees

Hey InterMetro Nurses,

Most of you probably opened up a bank account at Banco Popular when you moved to Puerto Rico. If you are originally from a state that doesn’t have Banco Popular, I know it was kind of tricky trying to figure out how your family was going to send you money without receiving some type of fee.

Well, I just wanted to give you some information I recently discovered. Both Santander and Scotia Banks are with affiliated with Bank Of America. So, if you use the ATM with your Bank of America debit card, you will receive a charge of $0.00. Santander has an ATM inside the school (located near the Cafe) as well as outside the school. (located near the gas station)  This was music to my ears!! Hopefully this information helps you as it did me.

Have a great day!

Clinical Documents

Hello Inter Metro Nursing students!

During orientation, you probably received a document that had about 17 tasks for you to do and stated, “All these documents must be delivered to the professors the second week of classes before the day of clinical orientation”. Your probably scrambling around trying to figure out how all these things are going to be accomplished. Well, look no further! Here I will break down step by step how to get these documents.

Hola  Estudiantes de Enfermería de la Inter Metro!

Durante la orientación, probablemente recibió un documento el que había alrededor de 17 tareas por hacer. En el papel hay una parte dice, “Todos estos documentos deben de ser entregados a los profesores la segunda semana de clases antes del día de orientación clínica”.  Probablemente estas tratando de averiguar como todas estas cosas se van a realizar. Pues, no busque más! Aquí yo rumpería, paso a paso como obtener estos documentos.

1. Health Certificate:    Certificate De Salud

  • The health certificate consists of the PPD test ( also known as the  tuberculosis skin test) and Syphillis test. These tests can be done at your primary care physician’s office BUT you will still have to take it to a doctor in Puerto Rico to have him/her give you a document that looks similar to this. This document is ~$35.00. The lab fee is separate. I received this document from Dr. Placer’s office. He is located across the street from the school. There is a lab located next door to his office so you will be able to get your labs done there as well (One stop shop!).  The process to get this done in his office is approximately 3-4 days. The health certificate expires in a year.
  • Dr. Carlos Placer Roman office address: Calle Santa Rosa No. 1 San Juan Gardens /// Telephone number: 787-766-0075 /// 787-754-4713 /// Fax 787-759-8411

1. Certificado de Salud: 

  • El certificado de salud consiste en la prueba de PPD ( también conocida como la prueba de la tuberculina) y la prueba de sífilis. Estas pruebas se pueden realizar en el la oficina de médico de atención primaria, pero todavia tendra que llevarlo a un médico en Puerto Rico para que él o ella le den un documento similar a este (el que ves ariba). Este documento cuesta ~ $35.00 . La tarifa de laboratorio  es independiente. Yo recibí este documento del Dr. Placer Dome. Él esta localizado en la calle de enfrente de la escuela. Hay un laboratorio lacalizado al lado de su oficina donde podra hacer tus laboratorios (one stop shop).  El proceso para obtener tus papeles en la oficina del doctor coje aproximadamente 3-4 días. El Certificado de Salud expira en un año.
  • Dr.  Carlos Romano Placer dirección de oficina: Calle Santa Rosa nO 1 San Juan Jardines /// numero de teléfono: 787-766-0075 787-754-4713 /// /// Fax 787-759-8411
  • Lab info

2. HIPAA Orientation and Certificate:

  • Click on the link
  • Download the powerpoint
  • Take the exam
  • Your HIPAA will be emailed to you. This should be a 8-10 minute process.

2. Orientación y Certificado HIPAA:

  • Haga click al enlace
  • Descargar el powerpoint
  • Coje el examen
  • Su HIPAA se enviara por correo electrónico. Estoy debe ser un proceso de 8-10 minutos.

3. Puerto Rico Good Conduct Certificate (if done online, a copy of validation page is required)

1011566_10153075811435611_1417222582_n1098101_10153075818995611_67206600_n999063_10153075819305611_366658754_n1002353_10153075821095611_1903827840_n9077_10153075819950611_127677841_n971736_10153075831435611_655408395_nPolice Conduct IMG_5924

  • Click the link.
  • Follow the screen shots.
  • You will receive this document in approx. 30 minutes (if you do this Mon-Fri). If you do this form on the weekend, you may not get your document till the following Monday. Please repeat the steps if you feel like you are not receiving the documents in the allotted time frame that I mentioned.
  • The hospitals will want an updated “good conduct form”, so you will probably repeat this each trimester.

****Please remember to print off your validation sheet. Your professors/hospitals will not accept this without the validation****

3.  Certificado de Buena Conducta de Puerto Rico (si se hace en línea, una copia de pagina de validación es necesario)

  • Haga click en el enlace.
  • Sige el archivo de pantalla.
  • Usted recibira este documento en unos 30 minutos (si lo haces de Lun-Vier) Si lo haces en el fin de semana, es posible que no obtenga el documento hasta el lunes siguiente. Por favor, repita los pasos si usted no han recibido los documentos en el marco del tiempo asignado que he mencionado.
  • Los hospitales van a quiere una “buena conducta” actualizada, probablemente vas a tener que repitar este cada trimestre.

**** Recuerde imprimir la hoja de validación. Los profesores/hospitales no aceptar esto sin la validación****

4. Hepatitis B Vaccine certificate (all 3 doses and Varicella vaccine or titers)

  • The Hepatitis B Vaccine can be done at your primary care provider or your local clinic. All 3 doses are very important!!
  • The Varicella vaccine or titers can also be done at your primary care provider or your local clinic.

        If you’ve never had chicken pox ——–>  You will need the Varicella vaccine.

        If you had chicken pox ———> You only need the titers.

        If your titers are too low———>  You will need the Varicella Vaccine.  

  • (THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) There was a huge chicken pox out break here in Puerto Rico a couple of years ago, so they want to make sure everyone is up to date with their vaccine or have the antibodies in his/her system.

5. Current Influenza vaccine and Influenza A1NH1 certificate

  • Flu season begins early October-May. So, the new strain for 2013-2014 is not currently in effect. Many of you have probably asked your doctor for it and they informed you that they can’t give it to you right now because it’s not out yet. DON’T STRESS OUT! Many of your professors know this information. As soon as the new strain of A1NH1 is out, go get your flu shot. Until then, just be patient.
  • If you don’t want the flu shot, have your doctor write a letter simply stating that you refuse the flu vaccine. (I know a couple of people who presented that letter and they were able to participate in all of their clinicals, so you should have no problem if you decide to refuse)
  • Last year (2012) the health Department of Puerto did a FREE Flu Vaccination day at Plaza Las Americas Mall. If and when they do it again this year (2013), we will inform you through the Facebook page and here as well.

6. Valid copy of CPR card (Health Care professionals) 

6. Copia Válida de tarjeta de RCP (los profesionales de la Salud)

  • Si no sabes donde conseguir una tarjeta de RCP, puedes visitar esta pagina:
  • Hay algunos estudiantes de enfermería del Inter Metro que conocen instructores certificados y forman grupos con otros estudiantes y hacen una clase. Los precios son desde ~ $ 40- $80,00 . Estos puestos se publican en la página de Facebook del Inter Metro, así que, por favor, attentan a la pagina.

7. Respirator training (N95) Kimberly Clark

  • The respirator training (N95) class is usually taught by professors from Inter Metro -BUT- at a church located 10-15 minutes away from the school. Signs will be posted up around the Nursing department. Once they schedule the new class, we will inform you on the Facebook page as well as here. The cost is usually $15.00

7.  Formación Respirador (N95) Kimberly Clark

  •  La clase de formación respirador (N95) normalmente es instruido por profesores de la Metro -PERO- en una iglesia ubicado 10-15 minutos de la escuela. Letrero se publicarán en todo el departamento de Enfermería. Una vez que se programa la nueva clase, le informaremos en la página de Facebook, y en esta pagina tambien. El costo es de $15.00

8. Copy of Student Identification

  • Your picture for your student ID is taken in the Campus police building. The process to get your card is 1-2 weeks.
  • You will pick up your student ID from the Santandar Bank office (located: third floor–main level– of Metro building near the cafe)

9. Copy of Medical Plan ID card

  • If you need medical insurance, you have two options: Medicaid (lasts 1  year) or Triple-S (affiliated with Blue Cross Blue Shield). Medicaid will be free and Triple-S will be approx. $80-$95 depending on your age and if you’re including dental and medication. If you want a contact for Triple-S, please post a comment down below and we can get that information to you personally. (This contact speaks English)

10. CPI Defense Training certificate

  • The CPI training is solely for students that are taking Fundamentals of Psychosocial Care. This class is given on UMET’s campus. (Universidad Metropolitan) You will be informed when these classes are held. Signs will be posted around the nursing department. We will post it on the nursing Facebook page, as well as here.

11. Orientation and certification on National goals

  • Your professor will let you know where to get this certification.

12. Abuse and negligence certificate ( Only for Auxillo Mutuo Hospital)

  • Your professor will let you know where to get this certificate.

13. Nose culture result (only for Cardiovascular Hospital)

  • Lab info

14. Birth Certificate OR Copy of passport

  • It can be either or.

15. Certificate of Law 300 verification of criminal History

  • The Law 300 is the “background” check. You have to get this done in Puerto Rico at your local Police station. Things have changed in the past year, so once we get updated instructions on how to get the Law 300, we will post instructions.
  • Things you will need: Bring 2 passport size pictures. (This can be done in your local Walgreens), Bring ID and/or passport, and a copy of your social security card.
  • Some hospitals will allow you go to this website below, type in your name into the registry, and it comes up, “No record was found of the criteria provided, you can print off the page and hand it in:

16. Immunizations against measles.

  • PCP

17. Certification against Chicken Pox or bring in titers:

  • Refer to Q/A #4

Shopping: Hospital/Nursing lab scrubs

Hello Inter Metro Nurses,

Wondering where you can purchase your scrubs, look no further! We have two sets of scrubs, one specifically for the hospital and another set for Nursing lab.

Handmade (Side note: Must have Inter Metro school patch (~$5.00 for patch, ~$2.00 to sew on) as well as name tag (~$10.00)

Hola Enfermeros (as),

Pensando donde ustedes pueden compra su productos exfoliantes, no busques más! Tenemos dos conjuntos de los matorrales, uno específicamente para el hospital y el otro conjunto de Enfermería laboratorio.

Hecho a mano (Tienen que tener Inter Metro school patch (~$5.00 para patch, ~$2.00 para coser) tambien se necesita el tag con tu nombre (~$10.00)

Hospital Scrubs

Color  Seaspray (Fundamentals brand: Optional ::: Can be bought online or local store) Nursing Lab Scrubs

You have two places in which you can purchase the hospital and nursing lab scrubs from :

Tienen dos lugares donde pueden comprar el hospital y matorrales de enfermería laboratorio:

Clinical (1) copy 5 OR  Clinical (1)

Sometimes, students will sell their scrubs on the Facebook page, so look out for those posts!

A veces, los estudiantes venden sus productos en la página de Facebook, así que espera a recibir esos posts!

Good luck on your journey!! Buena suerte!!

Nursing student is stress spelled foward….Estudiantes de Enfermería es estrés escrito hacia delante

Nursing Students is Stress spelled forwards.

“Estare empezando Escuela de Enfermería

ya mismo, y pense de escribir un

buen motivador en mis paderes de la casa.

Cuando consigo un trabajo de enfermeria,

estare al alcance de pintar las paredes.”

Stress is a typical reaction to the mounds of books (NIC, NOC, NANDA, anyone?!) and assignments that Professors tend to heap into our planners….But besides helping you do well as a nursing student, WE (the directive) are here to help you enjoy this isla del encanto (island of enchantment)!

Estres es una reacción típica de los montones de libros (NIC, NOC, NANDA, ¿alguien?!) y las tareas que los Profesores tienden a montón en nuestros planificadores…pero ademas de ayudarte para hacer buenos estudiantes de enfermería, nosotros (la directiva) estamos aqui para ayudarle a disfrutar de esta isla del encanto (isla del encanto).