National Nursing Associations

We all know there are benefits to being part of certain organizations.  They help us weed through content or find answers!  Here’s what we’ve found:

First up the American Nurses Association:

ANA Benefits for Students

When you sign up as a Subscriber to members only content on NursingWorld, you will be asked for a Promo Code, which will give you free access. Promo codes can be found in the “back to school” issues of Imprint and StuNurse magazines. If you do not have access to these publications, please e-mail your name, school, and current year in school to and a promo code will be sent immediately to you. Then go to the Join page, enter your email address and hit “Join Now,” and sign up, using the code.

Members Only benefits include:

  • Access to full ANA Position and Policy papers on important nursing issues
  • A chance to sign up for ANA SmartBrief – our members only daily news feed that brings together nursing and healthcare news from around the country every business day
  • Access to the current electronic versions of The American Nurse and the ANA columns in American Nurse Today
  • Access to the current topic of OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing – a peer reviewed electronic journal available to ANA members on the hot issues facing nursing today
  • Discount opportunities on a variety of personal and professional products
  • Access to NurseSpace, ANA’s online social network

For other Nurse Organizations on a National, State or International level.

Let us know of any opportunities/benefits from other organizations you’ve gotten/ would like to take charge to help us get involved in!


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