Shopping: Hospital/Nursing lab scrubs

Hello Inter Metro Nurses,

Wondering where you can purchase your scrubs, look no further! We have two sets of scrubs, one specifically for the hospital and another set for Nursing lab.

Handmade (Side note: Must have Inter Metro school patch (~$5.00 for patch, ~$2.00 to sew on) as well as name tag (~$10.00)

Hola Enfermeros (as),

Pensando donde ustedes pueden compra su productos exfoliantes, no busques más! Tenemos dos conjuntos de los matorrales, uno específicamente para el hospital y el otro conjunto de Enfermería laboratorio.

Hecho a mano (Tienen que tener Inter Metro school patch (~$5.00 para patch, ~$2.00 para coser) tambien se necesita el tag con tu nombre (~$10.00)

Hospital Scrubs

Color  Seaspray (Fundamentals brand: Optional ::: Can be bought online or local store) Nursing Lab Scrubs

You have two places in which you can purchase the hospital and nursing lab scrubs from :

Tienen dos lugares donde pueden comprar el hospital y matorrales de enfermería laboratorio:

Clinical (1) copy 5 OR  Clinical (1)

Sometimes, students will sell their scrubs on the Facebook page, so look out for those posts!

A veces, los estudiantes venden sus productos en la página de Facebook, así que espera a recibir esos posts!

Good luck on your journey!! Buena suerte!!


How to: Add classmates/prospectives to Associacion de Enfunmeria

We love to see new faces and we want to keep you informed, so please add your classmates to the Inter Metro Nursing facebook group:

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